Robert Nordstrom has published fiction, essays and poetry in numerous state and national literary publications. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee MA program in creative writing, he served as editor for various scholarly and trade magazines, as well as a writing instructor at the university level, for over 30 years.


His poetry has garnered awards from the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets Triad Contests and  Hal Grutzmacher Literary Contests. His poem “Old Lovers” won the 2014 Hal Prize, and his 2015 collection The Sacred Monotony of Breath received an Edna Meudt Poetry Book Award from the Council for Wisconsin Writers. 

A longtime resident of Wisconsin, he and his wife Linda moved to Eugene, Oregon in 2018 to be closer to children and grandchildren. He is a member of the Oregon Poetry Association.






Honorable Mention, 2015 Edna Meudt Poetry Book, Council for Wisconsin Writers

The Space Between


The hawk understands

in its ascending arc

the weight of the earth

and the attachments she defends


but the sky presents other problems

shifting currents…directionless expanses


like the space between your breasts

or the dreamy glaze of your eyes

as we ride these currents upward

tethered to the occasional posture of desire


to rise but not arrive

to fall but never land

the restless soul reaches for

release that will not come


and so we turn


a slight turn…barely perceptible

and are embraced by

the sacred monotony of breath itself



(From The Sacred Monotony of Breath)



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